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Voice Disorders / Phonosurgery


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East Sydney ENT

East Sydney ENT is a state of the art practise dedicated to the assessment and management of adult and paediatric ear, nose and throat disorders . . . .

Dr Georgina Harris

Darlinghurst, Bowral

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diagnosis, treatment & prevention of all voice disorders including: Recurrent Respiratory Papilloma, Vocal Cord lesions - cysts, polyps & nodules . . . .

Dr Jonathan Livesey

St Leonards

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Laryngology/Holistic Professional Voice Care, Adult & Paediatric ear, nose & throat surgery, Endoscopic Sinus surgery, Nasal Airway surgery . . .

A/Prof Daniel Novakovic

Areas of Special Interest Laryngology (Voice & Swallowing), Care of Professional Voice, Adult & Paediatric ENT, Salivary Gland, Thyroid, Head . . .

Dr Sebastian Ranguis

Complex airway surgery for children and adults, Infant breathing and swallowing disorders tonsils and adenoids, ear infections and hearing loss . . . .

A/Prof Faruque Riffat

General Adult & Pediatric ENT: Tonsillitis, Glue ears, Recurrent ear infections, Snoring, Nasal & Sinus Surgery: Septal deviation reconstruction, CPAP mask tolerance . . . .

A/Prof Catherine Sinclair


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neck & thyroid surgeon & laryngologist, thyroid nodules, laryngeal nerve monitoring & voice preservation during thyroid surgery . . . .

Dr Thomas Stewart

Adult & Paediatric Ear Nose & Throat Surgery, Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Laryngology, Care of Professional Voice . . . .

A/Prof David Veivers

St Leonards, Frenchs Forest

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Head & Neck Surgery, Laryngology, Salivary Gland Tumours & Diseases, Robotic Surgery . . .

Showing 10 results
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