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about East Sydney ENT

East Sydney ENT is a state of the art practice dedicated to the assessment and management of adult and paediatric ear, nose and throat disorders.
We are dedicated to a holistic approach, working in a multidisciplinary environment and being able to offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment paradigms from alternative therapies through to advanced surgical interventions allowing our patients access to a truly comprehensive service.


At ESENT our team covers a comprehensive range of ENT issues with leading tertiary specialists working in the public and private sectors focusing on:


  • Diagnosis and management of all nasal and sinus disorders
  • Allergy including skin prick allergy testing, immunotherapy, surgery
  • Airway assessments including fibre-optic endoscopy, rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry, peak nasal inspiratory flow and other objective testing
  • Low dose CT scanner for onsite imaging
  • In-office procedures including nasal cautery, biopsy, polypectomy, removal of foreign bodies, division of scar tissue, in-office neurectomy / cryotherapy
  • Surgery for all nasal and sinus disorders through public and private centres and offering private packages for uninsured patients
  • Full snoring assessment and surgical interventions.

Paediatric ENT

  • Diagnosis and management of hearing, sleep, airway, voice, congenital and other common ENT disorders in babies and children
  • Advanced breathing and airway issues


  • Diagnosis and management of adult & paediatric hearing loss with a range of interventions available including cochlear implantation
  • Inner, middle and outer ear infections
  • Diagnosis and management of eustachian tube dysfunction including nasal surgery, balloon tuboplasty
  • Complicated ear disorders including cholesteatoma, exostoses, otosclerosis and others
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo & dizziness

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Suite 2, 179 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027

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