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Bowel Cancer

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Dr Penelope De Lacavalerie

Colorectal and Robotic Surgery and is happy to consult on patients with General Surgery conditions and complex and advanced Colorectal Surgery . . . .

Dr Kate FitzGerald

General Surgeon specialising in breast cancer & oncoplastic surgery. . . . .

Dr Ewan MacDermid

Colorectal Surgeon, bowel cancer, colonoscopy, haemorrhoids, anal fistulae & anal prolapse . . . .

Dr Emilio Mignanelli

Colonoscopy, Bowel Cancer, Diverticular Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease . . . .

A/Prof Nimalan Pathma-Nathan

Colorectal, General Surgery, Rectal Bleeding, Bowel Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Polyp Disease, Diverticular Disease, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Rectal Prolapse, Faecal Incontinence . . . .

A/Prof Andrew Strickland

Noble Park, Moorabbin, Berwick

Electronic Referral on Specialists & Referrals Service
Telehealth Available

gastrointestinal cancer: colorectal, gastroesophageal, pancreatic, neuroendocrine tumours & other GI cancers. . . .

Showing 7 results
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