Colorectal Surgery

A Colorectal Surgeon (or Proctologist) repairs damage to the colon, rectum and anus. Colorectal Surgery is a vital treatment option for

colorectal cancer


ulcerative colitis


Crohn’s disease

, and some cases of


, often resulting in reconstruction of the intestinal tract. Other bowel conditions that may require surgery to a lesser extent include



anal fissures

(tears in the lining of the anus),

bowel incontinence

, and

rectal prolapse

. Most of these surgeries repair tears, remove blockages, or tighten sphincter muscles. Surgery is also sometimes used to treat

pelvic floor disorders

, such as perineal hernia and rectocele (bulging of the rectum towards the vagina). Some colorectal conditions or diseases may be treated with minimally invasive surgery, while others will require more complex procedures.

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