Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle surgery is undertaken by an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in Foot & Ankle surgery. Foot and ankle surgery is part of orthopaedics and podiatry, which involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle. Orthopaedic surgery deals with problems occurring with the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles of the ankle and foot. Surgery is often carried out with minimally invasive methods such as arthroscopy, in which a small flexible tube (arthroscope) is inserted through a small incision. The arthroscope allows the required site, often a joint, to be viewed on a display monitor, so the surgeon can inspect, diagnose and repair tissues. Other common procedures treat ankle arthritis, bunions (hard, painful bumps on the big toe joint), and nerves in the feet.

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A/Prof Kuo is an Orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in Foot & Ankle and Trauma surgery.



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Mr. Pirpiris obtained his MBBS in 1992 from The University of Melbourne and was made a Fellow of the College in 2003. He has utilised this Fellowship . . .

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