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Yeong Joe Lau

02 6230 3835 Braddon, Hall
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about Yeong Joe Lau

Hospitals Practicing At: Canberra Pvt, National Capital, Calvary Hosp, Calvary John James, Canberra Hosp, Queanbeyan


Areas of Special Interest
Hip Arthroscopy & Hip Replacement (robotic assisted, direct anterior)

Knee Arthroscopy for Ligament, Cartilage and Meniscal Injuries, Osteotomy and Knee Replacement (robotic assisted)

Foot and Ankle:
Forefoot, Midfoot & Hindfoot Surgery including Arthrodesis, Bunion Correction (minimally invasive) & Hammer Toe Correction, Tendon / Ligament Reconstruction surgery, Arthroscopy and Ankle Replacement surgery

Fixation of all extremity fractures


BSc (Med), MBBS, FRACS (Ortho)

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Urgent Appointments Available p: 6230 3835

02 6230 3835

02 6147 0214

Midnight Bldg, G02/1 Elouera St, Braddon ACT 2612

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