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Melbourne Parathyroid Centre

Mr Stephen Farrell

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about Melbourne Parathyroid Centre

The Melbourne Parathyroid Centre was created by Mr Stephen Farrell to provide a dedicated, expert and complete service for patients with hyperparathyroidism.
He has 20 years experience in Endocrine Surgery and particular expertise and passion for Parathyroid Surgery.
The Melbourne Parathyroid Centre is a service dedicated to the surgical management of hyperparathyroidism.

  • Confirmation of the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism
  • Office-based ultrasound to assess both the parathyroid glands and the thyroid
  • Access to state-of-the-art localisation imaging studies performed by specialised radiologists
  • Best-practice surgery and post-operative management for patients with hyperparathyroidism
  • Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy when appropriate

Stephen Farrell is the head of Endocrine Surgery at St Vincents Public Hospital and Austin Hospital in Melbourne. He is the Endocrine Surgeon for the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne.
In private he operates at St Vincents Private Hospital, Fitzroy and Warringal Hospital in Heidelberg.
Stephen is one of Australias leading Endocrine Surgeons. Over more than 20 years as a specialist, he has a vast experience of all aspects of Endocrine Surgery and has performed more than 5000 thyroid operations and more than 2000 parathyroid operations.



Parathyroid surgery for

  • Parathyroid adenoma
  • Hyperparathyroidism
  • Parathyroid cancer

Thyroid surgery for
  • Thyroid nodule
  • Multinodular goitre
  • Graves disease
  • Thyroid cancer

Neck dissection for thyroid cancer involving lymph nodes
Removal of branchial and thyroglossal cysts
Adrenal surgery for
  • Adrenal tumour
  • Conns syndrome
  • Adrenal Cushings syndrome
  • Phaeochromocytoma
  • Paraganglioma
  • Adrenocortical carcinoma

Pancreatic surgery for
  • Islet cell tumour
  • Insulinoma

His special areas of interest are
  • Parathyroid surgery
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type I and type II

contact Melbourne Parathyroid Centre

03 7064 1279

03 9419 1644

Level 4, 55 Victoria Pde, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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