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Dr Tasman Lipscombe

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about Dr Tasman Lipscombe

Areas of Specialisation
Dr Tasman Lipscombe is a Specialist Dermatologist & Mohs Surgeon


Description of Specialisation
Dr Lipscombe offers a complete end-to-end skin cancer service including:
Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Mohs Surgery
Surgical Removal of Skin Cancers
Non-Surgical Treatment of Skin Cancers



Specialist Experience
Dr Tasman Lipscombe graduated medicine in 1990 with an MBBS from Adelaide University. After six years of rigorous postgraduate training, he was awarded Fellowship of the Australian College of Dermatologists. Following Fellowship, he pursued his interest in skin cancer and surgery with further training in these fields. In 2000 he completed an Advanced Skin Surgery Fellowship in Sydney, qualifying him to perform Mohs surgery, skin cancer surgery & complex repairs, including flaps & grafts. Dr Lipscombe has an ongoing interest in the surgical & non-surgical treatment of skin cancers & a special interest in Mohs surgery. He continues providing excellence in care for his patients with ongoing skin cancer checks & monitoring for high-risk patients. Having previously worked as the Medical Director for the Skin Hospital in Darlinghurst, Dr Lipscombe now works exclusively at Parkhouse in the city & operates at Sydney Day Hospital in the same building

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02 9223 7500

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Lvl 7, Park House, 187 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

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