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About Skin & Cancer Day Surgery

Dermatologists with advanced training in Skin Cancer Surgery including Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
Area of interest:
Treatment of BCCs, SCCs, Melanoma and other Malignant Skin Cancers, particularly Facial, Head and Neck Skin Cancers.
Mohs Micrographic Surgery:
A highly effective treatment for certain types of skin cancer with a cure rate of up to 99 percent for certain tumours. It is micrographically controlled and provides the most precise method to remove cancerous tissue, while sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue. Therefore it may result in a significantly smaller surgical defect and less noticeable scarring, as compared to other methods of skin cancer treatment.
Standard Skin Cancer Surgery
Skin Cancer Day Surgery is a Day Hospital accredited with the Department of Human Services and Global mark ISO. Patients with private health insurance can access their insurance to cover skin cancer surgery (and other procedures on the MBS schedule).
The dermatologists consult and perform surgery at the centre also.


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Skin & Cancer Day Surgery
Royal Melbourne


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