Dr Rachel Taylor


About Dr Rachel Taylor

Dr Rachel Taylor is a Sports Medicine specialist in Moore Park, NSW, Australia.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses related to sports, exercise, recreational activities, and also those suffered by people in the performing arts such as musicians and dancers. It is involved with sports and overtraining injuries (e.g. repetitive strain injuries, knee injuries), sports nutrition, airways and breathing difficulties in sports (e.g. asthma), and exercise and rehabilitation programmes.

Contact Dr Rachel Taylor

02 8323 6555
Byron Kennedy Hall, Entertainment Quarter
Errol Flynn Blvd
Moore Park 2021 NSW

02 9899 2466
Ste 209
10 Century Cct
Norwest 2153 NSW

Errol Flynn Blvd NSW 2021 Australia
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