Sydney Sleep Centre

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About Sydney Sleep Centre

A Specialist Run Centre Dedicated to the Diagnosis Investigation and Treatment of All Sleep Disorders
Centrally located Sleep Centre that meets all patient needs

Sydney Sleep Centre combines experienced staff with a broad practice set up providing a single point of access for all sleep needs, whether they are Specialist consultations, Sleep Psychologist reviews, sleep study tests or treatment services such as CPAP therapy and oral appliances.
Care is multi-disciplinary, co-ordinated and extremely convenient to patients and referrers.

Disability Access
Disability Access


On site services

  • Urgent consults if needed
  • Sleep and Respiratory Physicians
  • Sleep Specialist Dentist
  • Sleep Psychologist
  • Dietician
  • Home sleep studies
  • CPAP Therapy, including hiring and troubleshooting
  • Mandibular advancement splints Lung function tests

Laboratory sleep studies at nearby established Hospitals
Public Laboratory Sleep Studies (RPAH or POWH)
Private Laboratory Sleep Studies (St Lukes Private or POW Private - NO GAP)

Affiliate Hospitals and Universities

  • St Lukes Private Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Public Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Private Hospital
  • University of Sydney
  • University of NSW



Dr Anup Desai
MBBS (Syd), PhD (Sleep Medicine), FRACP
Sleep and Respiratory Physician

Dr Ranasinghe Lewis
Sleep and Respiratory Physician


Contact Sydney Sleep Centre

02 9251 7557
Domain House, Ste 202, Lvl 2
139 Macqaurie St
Sydney 2000 NSW

139 Macqaurie St NSW 2000 Australia