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Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Specialists

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About Manse Medical

Manse Medical is the premier Respiratory and Sleep Medical Practice in Western Victoria and South-East South Australia, committed to helping your patients breathe well, sleep well and achieve a quality, healthy life.
Manse Medical has a team of Physicians, Respiratory and Sleep Scientists and nursing staff who are experts in their field. We offer a range of consultation options to help achieve quality health outcomes. The Manse Medical Telehealth Program also offers GPs and patients an innovative and convenient starting point to better health.

Nationwide Telehealth Sevices Available


We offer:

  • In-Lab Sleep Studies
  • Physician Consulting
  • Daytime MSLT and MWT
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • CPAP Titration Studies
  • Therapy Trials



Dr Andrew Bradbeer
Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Dr Eduardo Gaio
Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Dr Nader Fayazi
General & Respiratory Medicine Specialist

Dr Mai Altous
Respiratory Medicine Consultant

Dr Shivonne Prasad

Sleep Health Group


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Provides Telehealth Physician Consultations

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