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Cardio Respiratory Sleep Services specialises in Sleep Medicine.

The following description is a generic description for the category and does not necessarily reference all the services/ procedures offered by Cardio Respiratory Sleep Services.

Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems associated with sleep. Over 100 different disorders of sleeping and waking have been identified, grouped in four main categories: problems with falling and staying asleep (insomnia); problems with staying awake (excessive daytime sleepiness); problems with keeping to a regular sleep schedule (sleep rhythm problem); and unusual behaviours during sleep (sleep-disruptive behaviours, e.g. sleep walking). Tests and treatment vary and depend on the specific sleep disorder.



  • Comprehensive In-Lab and Home-Based Sleep Studies
  • CPAP Trials, Purchase and Troubleshooting with Highly Qualified Sleep Technician
  • Positional Therapy for OSA
  • Oral Appliance Therapy Trial for Snoring and OSA
  • Spirometry
  • Nasal Resistance Testing
  • Mannitol Challenge
  • Six Minute Walk Test


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CVS – Victoria


Dr Andrew Kyoong
Respiratory & Sleep Physician

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