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About Dr Dinesh Ranatunga

Dr Dinesh Ranatunga is a Diagnostic Radiologist in Heidelberg, VIC, Australia.

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Radiology – Diagnostic

Diagnostic radiology deals with the use of X-rays and radioactive substances to diagnose diseases, and is undertaken by a Radiologist. Structures inside the body can be viewed to diagnose the cause of symptoms; monitor how your body is responding to a treatment; and screen for different illnesses, such as breast cancer or heart disease. The most common types of diagnostic radiology include: X-rays; ultrasound; computed tomography (CT), also known as computerised axial tomography (CAT scan); CT angiography (examining the heart and associated blood vessels); magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); magnetic resonance angiography (MRA); mammography (examining breasts); nuclear medicine (with such tests as a bone scan, thyroid scan, and thallium cardiac stress test); and positron emission tomography (PET scan).

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03 9458 5199
66 Darebin St
Heidelberg 3084 VIC

66 Darebin St Melbourne VIC 3084 Australia
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