Dr Alexandra Johnson


About Dr Alexandra Johnson

Dr Alexandra Johnson is a Paediatric Neurologist in St Leonards, NSW, Australia.

Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric Neurology is concerned with childhood diseases and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. Problems in the nervous system can present as headaches, seizures or developmental delays. Commonly paediatric neurologists work in closely with paediatricians, neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists and primary care doctors to care for the patient. Treatment varies, but may include physiotherapy, pain management, medication and surgery.

Contact Dr Alexandra Johnson

02 8079 5942
Ste 1B, Lvl 3
66 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards 2065 NSW

02 9387 7841
Ste 8 & 9, Lvl 2, The Waverley
79-85 Oxford St
Bondi Junction 2022 NSW

66 Pacific Hwy NSW 2065 Australia
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