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Sydney Child Developmental Specialists

02 7255 9712 Lindfield

about Sydney Child Developmental Specialists

We provide comprehensive assessment and ongoing care for Child Development Disorders:

  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Development delays
  • Behavioural disorders

We also provide all aspects of General Paediatric care such as:

  • Routine newborn feeding and care
  • Growth & developmental milestone monitoring
  • Chronic illnesses

Sydney Child Development Specialists was established to form an integrated team to focus and personalise care for children with developmental conditions from assessment to ongoing therapy.


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02 7255 9712

02 8244 1989

Ste 3, 12-18 Tryon Rd, Lindfield NSW 2070

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Corner of Tryon Rd and Milray St

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