Dr Sondhya Ghedia


About Dr Sondhya Ghedia

Dr Sondhya Ghedia is a Paediatrician in St Leonards, Sydney, Australia.

Paediatric Medicine

Specialists that specialise in Paediatrics in Australia. Paediatrics, or paediatric medicine, deals with the care of infants, children and adolescents, and their growth and development.

Contact Dr Sondhya Ghedia

02 8068 2419
AMA House, Northern Children’s Specialist Centre, Suite 410
69 Christie St
St Leonards
Sydney 2065 NSW

02 9475 0640
Ste 6, Lvl 3, North Shore Pvt Hosp
Westbourne St
St Leonards 2065 NSW

San Ultrasound for Women, Sydney Adventist Hosp, Lvl 3
185 Fox Valley Rd
Sydney 2076 NSW

69 Christie St Sydney NSW 2065 Australia
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