About Dr Richard Pennington

Hospitals Practicing At: Epworth Eastern, The Avenue, Epping Pvt, Northpark Pvt, Glenferrie Pvt, Brunswick Pvt

Areas of Special Interest
Upper Limb - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hands
Knees & Trauma Surgery

Current Positions
Public Appointments:
The Northern Hosp, Epping
Box Hill Hosp, Box Hill
Maroondah Hosp, Ringwood

Gender: male


Description of Specialisation
Shoulder Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Problems, Instability, Clavicle Fractures & ACJ Dislocations, Elbow & Wrist Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Knee Arthritis & Injuries



Specialist Training
Upper Limb: Monash Med Ctr, Melbourne
Trauma: Rocky Mountains Trauma Ctr, Denver, USA
Knee: North Sydney Orthopaedic & Sports Med Ctr

Specialist Experience
Experienced in all areas of Upper Limb Surgery including Hands, Orthopaedic Trauma & All Knee Conditions

Contact Dr Richard Pennington

03 8414 4031
Suite 13, Lvl 3
1 Arnold St
Box Hill 3128 VIC

PO Box 784,
Kew 3101 VIC

03 8414 4031
Plenty Rd & Greenhills Rd
Bundoora 3083 VIC

03 8414 4031
40 The Avenue
Windsor 3181 VIC

03 8414 4031
82 Moreland Rd
Brunswick 3056 VIC

03 8414 4031
29 Hilda Cres
Hawthorn 3122 VIC

1 Arnold St VIC 3128 Australia