About Dr Jay Dave

Hospitals Practicing At: Sydney Southwest Pvt, Campbelltown Pvt, Fairfield Public, Campbelltown Public, Liverpool Public
Other Languages Spoken: Gujrati, Hindi


Areas of Special Interest
My special interests are in Joint Replacement Surgery, Complex Revision Joint replacement & Shoulder & Knee surgery


MBBS (Hons 1) (USyd), FRACS, FA(Ortho)A;
Senior Lecturer, The University of New South Wales
Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Major, Australian Defence Force
Workcover and MAA Assessor

Member of: AMA, AOA, Arthroplasty Association, Hip Arthroscopy Association, Australian Trauma Association, Whitlam Joint Replacement Centre, NSW Hand Surgery Association


Contact Dr Jay Dave

Lvl 3, Ste 314
4 Hyde Pde
Sydney 2560 NSW

PO Box 4270,
Homebush 2140 NSW

02 4628 7424
Lvl 3, Ste 3.02
24-40 Bigge St
Sydney 2170 NSW

4 Hyde Pde Sydney NSW 2560 Australia
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