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About Deborah Cheung

Dr Cheung obtained her surgical fellowship in 2001, and the following year, began to develop her reputation as a consultant breast surgeon whilst pursuing her interest in delivering aesthetic results in breast surgery.

As a breast cancer surgeon for over 15 years, Dr Cheung is committed to the cure, treatment, prevention and education of breast cancer. Pioneering in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery in Australia, Dr Cheung ensures that the most appropriate treatment is given, taking into consideration your unique condition, health and your needs, leading to optimal survival and cosmetic outcomes. Utilising the most up to date knowledge and surgical techniques, and working with dedicated Cancer Specialists, Dr Cheung and her multidisciplinary team strive to optimise your health, survival and quality of life.

As one of Australias leading Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons, Dr Cheungs expertise extends to skin and nipple sparing mastectomies, immediate and delayed Oncoplastic breast conservation, prosthetic and autologous breast reconstruction, breast reduction and lift surgery, and symmetrisation surgery.

Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese

Gender: female


Areas of Special Interest
Breast health checks, cancer surgery, reconstruction, reduction, cosmetic

Macquarie University Hospital


University of Sydney, Macquarie University
Research, Inovation, Community Advocacy

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