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Dr Revathy Arulventhan


about Dr Revathy Arulventhan

Dr Revathy Arulventhan is a Nuclear Medicine specialist in Burwood, Sydney, Australia.

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances, in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radioactive substances emit energy waves due to decaying atomic nuclei. They act as tracers for diagnosis, and in treatment to kill cancerous cells. Usually, small amounts of radioactive materials or radiopharmaceuticals are used, substances that are attracted to specific organs, bones or tissues. Treatment with nuclear medicine is based on the destructive power of radiation, which is used to remove unwanted, especially cancerous, tissues. The radiation used travels only a short distance, thereby minimising unwanted side-effects and damage to non-involved organs or nearby structures.

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02 9744 0699

02 9744 0125

Ste 8, Grd Lvl, 1-17 Elsie St, Burwood NSW 2134

PO Box 90, Burwood 1805 NSW

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