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Dr Reece Sher

Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon

03 7038 3555 East Melbourne, Coburg, Clayton
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about Dr Reece Sher

Mr. Reece Sher is an Australian trained Neurosurgeon with specialised interest in minimally invasive surgical solutions for neuro-oncology, cerebrovascular, and complex spine conditions.

He has received extensive training in traditional techniques as well as modern minimally invasive neurosurgical and spinal surgical techniques along with surgical adjuncts such as stereotaxy and robotics.

The focus of Mr Shers practice is to preserve motion, promote mobility, optimise functional outcomes and quality of life for his patients whilst minimising surgical and non-surgical complications.

Mr Sher treats 95 percent of his patients non-surgically through judicious multidisciplinary care and prehabilitation programs. When surgery is necessary, Mr Sher uses a combination of modern less invasive and minimally invasive tissue preservation surgical techniques to reduce operative time, minimise tissue damage, blood loss, pain, and to optimise recovery.

Mr Sher routinely collaborates with other clinicians and allied health professionals to provide holistic patient specific treatment plans.


  • Neuro-oncology

  • Disc Replacement

  • Brain Anuerysm

  • Complex Spine Surgery

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery


BAppSc (MRS), BMedSc, MBBS (Hons) FRACS (Neurosurgery), PFET (Spine)

contact Dr Reece Sher

03 7038 3555

03 8456 6368

Ste 8.2, Lvl 8, Epworth Freemasons, 124 Grey St, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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