Dr Marguerite Harding


About Dr Marguerite Harding

Dr Marguerite Harding is a Neurosurgeon providing Neurosurgery services in Adelaide, SA, Australia.


Neurosurgery treats diseases and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. There are many reasons for neurosurgery, including benign or malignant tumours, treating bleeding or blood clots, neurovascular conditions, trauma, peripheral nerve disorders, congenital conditions, and some forms of seizure disorders. Neurosurgery is performed by a Neurosurgeon. Depending on the surgery, Neurosurgeons may also work with Spinal Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons.

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08 8227 1716
Lvl 5, Consulting Bldg
120 Angas St
Adelaide 5000 SA

120 Angas St SA 5000 Australia