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Sydney Neurointerventional Specialists

1300 00 7647 Randwick, Liverpool
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about Sydney Neurointerventional Specialists

Sydney Neurointerventional Specialists is a group of specialist doctors practising in neurointervention and neurology.



We provide specialist patient consultations and minimally invasive treatment of:

1. Brain aneurysms
2. Vascular malformations
- Arteriovenous malformations (AVM)
- Dural fistulas (dAVF)
- Caroticocavernous fistulas (CCF)
3. Intracranial and Extracranial arterial and venous stenoses
4. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension and venous sinus stenosis
5. Chronic subdural haematoma
6. Spinal interventions (including pain injections)
7. Acute stroke therapy (mechanical thrombectomy/ endovascular clot retrieval)

We accept referrals from general practitioners and specialists, and provide comprehensive postoperative clinical follow-up and management.

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1300 00 7647

02 8004 8122

Suite 7D, Level 7, 66 High St, Randwick NSW 2031

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