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Monash Nephrology & Transplant Services

03 9594 2461 Clayton,

about Monash Nephrology & Transplant Services

Nephrology and Renal Transplant Services are offered for both public and private patients at Monash Health. Patients cared for include those with acute & chronic kidney disease and hypertension. Renal replacement therapies include In Centre Haemodialysis/Satellite Dialysis, Home Dialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis as well as Kidney and Kidney/Pancreas transplantation.

contact Monash Nephrology & Transplant Services

03 9594 2461

03 9594 6475

246 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

For Public Monash Medical Centre Clinic appointments – Ph 1300 342 273
For other clinics please refer to contact details below 246 Clayton Rd, Clayton 3168:
Transplant Services – Ph 9594 3441/3011
In Centre Dialysis – Ph 9594 3466/67
Dialysis Co-ordinator Ph 9594 3531
122 Thomas St, Dandenong 3175:
Peritoneal Dialysis – Ph 9792 7816
Home HD Training Unit – Ph 9792 7814
Dandenong Dialysis Unit – Ph 9792 7800

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