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Oncology Clinics Victoria is an association of Medical Oncologists and Clinical Haematologists

General Oncology & Malignant Haematology with a focus on Clinical Research and Precision Medicine

Professor Gary Richardson is the Director of Oncology Clinics Victoria, Director of Cabrini Academic Haematology & Oncology Services and a Professor of Medicine at Monash University. He previously held the position of Director, Department of Medical Oncology & Clinical Haematology at Monash Medical Centre. He has initiated and developed clinical research in haematology and oncology at Cabrini Health and is involved in the design, development and conduct of clinical trials. He is Director of Clinical Research in Medical Oncology and Haematology, and personally acts as principal investigator in many clinical studies in breast, lung, and gynaecological malignancy, as well as development of novel compounds for the treatment of cancer.

A/Prof Andrew Haydon is joint head of SMICS (Southern Melbourne Integrative Cancer Services) and holds honorary appointments as a senior lecturer in the Department of Medicine at Monash University and the University of Sydney as well as being an honorary researcher with the Cancer Council of Victoria.He is also a member of numerous multidisciplinary cancer meetings including The Victorian Melanoma service, the Cabrini colorectal cancer meeting the Alfred Head and Neck Cancer and Upper Gastro-intestinal cancer multidisciplinary meetings.

Dr Sanjeev Gill is a Medical Oncologist who holds an honorary appointment as a senior lecturer in the Department of Medicine at Monash University. He is involved in multiple clinical trials at both the Alfred and Cabrini.He is a member of numerous multidisciplinary cancer meetings, the Cabrini colorectal and Urological cancer meetings and the Alfred Head and Neck Cancer, Lung cancer, Upper Gastro-intestinal cancer, Breast cancer and neuro oncology meetings.

Dr Prachi Bhave is a Medical Oncologist and leads the Phase I Clinical Trials Program at Cabrini. Dr Bhave became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) in 2019. She is currently completing a PhD in genomics and computational biology through the University of Melbourne. Dr Bhave has worked at several tertiary hospitals across Melbourne and Sydney and has a strong interest in translational research. She treats a wide range of cancers but has a special interest in early drug development, skin and gynaecological malignancies

Dr Matthew Loft is a Medical Oncologist working in both public and private health care. He has a previous degree in Pharmacy, and combines clinical practice with academic research at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and University of Melbourne. His main research interest is in personalised oncology and improving anticancer medication dosing, looking to develop online calculators to assist with clinical decision making and further inform patient care and outcomes. His special interests are in General Oncology, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Lung Cancer

Dr Shehara Mendis is a Medical Oncologist and clinical researcher at Cabrini Health. She obtained a Master of Cancer Sciences whilst undertaking a clinical and research fellowship at BC Cancer in Vancouver, Canada. She specialises in the care of patients with cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. She is involved in clinical trials, registry-based research and translational research at Cabrini.


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