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About Sydney Hand Surgery Associates

Sydney Hand Surgery Associates is a group of specialist hand surgeons, consulting and operating at North Shore Private Hospital in Sydney. Together they offer expertise in the full spectrum of hand surgery including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures and trauma, tendon injuries, congenital hand surgery and surgery after spinal cord injuries.

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Damian Ryan
Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon with a particular interest in arthritis and joint replacement of the hand, nerve compression including endoscopic carpal tunnel decompression, wrist injury and reconstruction.

Claudia Gschwind
Hand and Wrist Surgeon with a particular interest in neuromuscular disorders such as spasticity after stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, tetraplegia and peripheral nerve injuries.

Anthony Beard
Experienced Hand Surgeon, skilled in managing complex hand and wrist problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral nerve compressions, and tendon injuries and problems such as trigger finger, with a special interest in wrist trauma and arthritis including arthroscopic surgery.

Richard Lawson
Experienced Surgeon in the management of wrist fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytrens and other common hand conditions, and has a particular interest in brachial plexus, complex nerve conditions and congenital hand surgery.

David Stewart
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a particular interest in hand surgery, brachial plexus trauma, congenital hand difference and reconstructive microsurgery.

James Ledgard
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who looks after all conditions of the hand and wrist but has a special interest in tetraplegic hand reconstruction, the treatment of spasticity and the treatment of nerve conditions.


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Suite 1, Level 4, North Shore Private Hospital
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Suite 1, Level 4, North Shore Private Hospital
3 Westbourne Street,
St Leonards 2065 NSW

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