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about Dr Richard Hanney

Dr Hanney has been a General Surgeon in Western Sydney since 1999, with procedures also available under local anaesthetic with Registered Nurse support in his rooms.
A weekly anorectal clinic for perianal pathology provides timely intervention and evaluation for PR bleeding.
Hernia repair, Gall Bladder surgery, endo/colonoscopies, laparoscopic surgery with No Gap private surgery.
All welcome - private work through Westmead Private and Somerset Private Hospitals, public work at Mount Druitt and Westmead Hospitals.


Hospitals Practicing At
Mt Druitt, Westmead, Westmead Pvt, Somerset Pvt


Australasian Trauma Society, General Surgeons Australia, Assn for Academic Surgery, Academy of Surgical Educators, Clinical Senior Lecturer at University of Sydney, Society of University Surgeons, Leading Physicians of the World
Professor of Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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02 9625 3977

02 9625 3634

56 Janet St, Mt Druitt NSW 2770

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