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A/Prof Siddharth Sood

Hepatologist, Gastroenterologist, Endoscopy - Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy

03 8548 0333 Parkville, Fairfield
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about A/Prof Siddharth Sood

Areas of Special Interest
A/Prof Sood is a senior Hepatologist with a PhD in liver disease and has an appointment as Head of Hepatology at Northern Health.

His special interests include diseases of the liver, including (but not limited to) autoimmune liver diseases, pbc, hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma. He also has specialty experience in rarer liver disease such as wilsons disease, fontans associated liver disease and forms of porphyria.

He is also a consultant Gastroenterologist, with ability to manage endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) along with IBS/IBD.


Areas of Special Interest
Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy, Hepatology, Autoimmune liver diseases, Hepatitis, Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Private Hospitals Practicing At: Northern Hospital, Melbourne Private Hospital, Alphington Medical Centre Fairfield, Victoria Endoscopy Heidelberg


A full fee is payable on the day, with reimbursement for the majority of the cost from medicare to follow. Out of pocket expenses for consultations vary. You do not require private health insurance to come in for a consultation.

As at 2021:
For an initial consultation, the out of pocket expense is <$125
For subsequent reviews, the out of pocket expense is <$60
Please call the rooms for an updated pricing schedule prior to your appointment.

Please note, Dr Sood does not charge any out of pocket (ie: no gap) expenses for private endoscopic procedures (performed in Parkville, Bundoora or Heidelberg). However, the facility will often charge a fee to your insurance, with an excess sometimes payable depending on your level of cover and recent excess payments.


Head of Hepatology, Northern Health

Referral Info

Please bring a valid GP referral addressed to a gastroenterologist or hepatologist. The referral does not need to be specifically addressed to Dr Sood.

Please also bring any investigations (blood tests, imaging results) that may be relevant to your consultation.

contact A/Prof Siddharth Sood

03 8548 0333

03 8672 6477

Ste 38, Lvl 4, Pvt Medical Ctr, Royal Melbourne Hosp, Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052

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