About Dr Rajni Tiwari

Hospitals Practicing At: Norwest Private Hospital, Westmead Hospital
Other Languages Spoken: English, Hindi & Urdu

Current Positions
Staff Specialist at Westmead Hospital, & VMO at Norwest Private

Gender: female


Areas of Specialisation
Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist with special interest in Liver Diseases. Management of Hepatitis, Fatty Liver disease, Advanced Liver Cirrhosis, Liver cancer, Upper GI Disorders, Bowel Cancer Cancer Screening, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy with/without polypectomy, Management of acute GI Bleeding of any cause, Dilatation of strictures, Placement of PEG tubes & Capsule Endoscopy (Pill Cam)
All privately performed procedures with Dr Rajni Tiwari, including anaesthetic and pathology fees, are strictly NO GAP. Which means no out of pocket procedural costs.



Specialist Experience
Dr Tiwari provides an individually tailored consultation to every patient with evidence-based care in all areas of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. After completing her MRCP & Gastroenterology training in the UK, she moved to Australia to work as a Staff specialist at Westmead Hospital. Dr Tiwari has also been part of numerous studies & publications.

Contact Dr Rajni Tiwari

1300 898 691
Lvl 2, Ste 207, Western Sydney Gastro
10 Norbrik Dr
Bella Vista 2153 NSW

10 Norbrik Dr NSW 2153 Australia
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