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Newcastle Endoscopy Centre


02 4947 6000 Charlestown
Electronic Referral on Specialists & Referrals Service

about Newcastle Endoscopy Centre

Newcastle Endoscopy Centre has established a Direct Access service which enables General Practitioners to refer patients requiring urgent investigation of nominated screening tests DIRECT to Newcastle Endoscopy Centre.
Newcastle Endoscopy Centre (NEC) in Charlestown is the Hunters only purpose-built, dedicated Endoscopy Facility.
Since the introduction of the Direct Access Colonoscopy service in October 2013, demand for the service has grown strongly and the admission criteria has been widened as a result

Referrals will now be accepted for privately insured (or self-funded) patients who:

  • Have had positive faecal occult test result


  • Have a family history of colorectal cancer (provided NH & MRC guidelines are met)


  • Are less than 74 years of age, in good general health and with no significant co-morbidities


Participating Endoscopists:
Dr. Hasitha Balasuriya (Surgeon)
Dr. Caroline Louise Clarke (Surgeon) Dr. Brian Draganic (Surgeon)
Dr. Robert Foster (Gastroenterologist) Dr. Lay Gan (Gastroenterologist)
Dr. Anil Koshy (Surgeon)
Dr. Brendan McManus (Surgeon)
Dr. Owen Morris (Surgeon)
Dr. Kate Napthali (Gastroenterologist) Dr. Marie Ooi (Gastroenterologist)
Dr. Peter Pockney (Surgeon)
Dr. Michael Potter (Gastroenterologist) Dr. Stephen Smith (Surgeon)
Dr. Alkesh Zala (Gastroenterologist)

Referral Info

General Practitioners are able to refer their suitable patients to NEC for rapid assessment and treatment, thereby avoiding the cost of, and the often extended waiting period for an appointment with a specialist.
Online templates of the referral forms are available for practices using Best Practice or Medical Director.

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02 4947 6010

Level 2, 20-22 Smith St, Charlestown NSW 2290

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