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Our aim is to provide assistance to your patients in understanding Direct Access Colonoscopy, and who would be suitable for this procedure.

Direct Access is a service provided by Dee Why Endoscopy Unit that aims to reduce wait times for quick access to a procedure with our reputable gastroenterologist and colorectal surgeons that participate in Direct Access Colonoscopy.

Your practice may refer a patient for direct access for a colonoscopy, meaning the patient does not require a consultation with a specialist first.
Direct Access Suitability
Direct Access Colonoscopy is most suitable for patients with a definite indication for colonoscopy, such as:

  • A positive FOBT
  • Polyp surveillance
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Unexplained change in bowel habits
  • Family history CRC
  • Reflux symptoms
  • Dyspepsia
  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Dysphagia / Odynophagia
  • Follow up screening for Barretts or Coeliac disease

For patients with a history of adenomatous polyps or colorectal cancer, regular surveillance colonoscopy would also be recommended through the Direct Access Program.

Direct Access Exclusions
Not all patients are suitable for open access. For patients with significant comorbidities or elderly patients with multiple comorbidities, a consultation with a specialist prior to colonoscopy may be considered by the GP at the practice. It is often helpful for elderly patients to understand the risks and benefits of having this investigation performed.
Participating Specialists:

  • Dr Margaret Leach
  • Dr Michele Macnamara
  • Dr Stuart Pincott
  • Dr Keith Tish

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