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William Clark


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William Clark, providing Angiography services in Kogarah, NSW, Australia.

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Angiography is a procedure performed to view blood vessels in many areas of the body. Traditionally, this is done by injecting a harmless dye that is radiopaque (does not allow X-rays to penetrate) and so the blood vessels can be outlined on X-rays or by using other imaging techniques. Depending on the type of angiogram (X-ray) required, access to the blood vessels is usually gained through the larger arteries, such as in the arm or groin. A catheter (thin, flexible tube) is passed through an artery to the required site and the dye is released into the bloodstream. An X-ray or image is then taken.

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Lvl 2, St George Pvt Hosp, 1 South St, Kogarah NSW 2217

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