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We are a highly skilled group of pain specialists incorporating anaesthetists, a neurosurgeon, occupational physician and psychiatrist. Chronic pain patients experience physical pain and may present emotionally exhausted; we understand all issues associated with pain and the difficulty maintaining a good quality of life. We co-ordinate interventional and multidisciplinary approaches to manage pain, working to address all problems in a step-by-step comprehensive manner using a wide range of operative and non-operative treatments.

Interventional Pain Specialist & Clinical Director

I am an experienced interventional pain specialist with a multidisciplinary approach, treating people suffering from chronic pain, failed back surgery and post-surgical pain. As a leading Spinal Cord Stimulator proceduralist, my approaches prevent the need for invasive surgery and reduce pharmaceutical needs.

To deliver a complete multidisciplinary pain service for our chronic pain sufferers, I incorporated the well established REGAIN pain program into our practice to provide short waiting periods and intensive assistance. We are part of ePOCC, an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine and further developed by the Australian Pain Society. The program aims to improve services and outcomes through benchmarking of care and treatment in Australia and New Zealand.


Nerve Blocks
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
Radiofrequency Ablation (RF)
Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)
Pain Medications
Authorised Prescriber of Non-Cancer Pain Medicinal Cannabis
Multidisciplinary Pain Management

Intensive Multidisciplinary Group & Individual Pain Programs
We are a multidisciplinary pain management group that consists of a variety of pain specialists, occupational physician, psychiatrist, psychologists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, all accredited and specialising in chronic pain management. Our multidisciplinary REGAIN group pain program has been operating for 10 years and is covered by all compensational insurers, specifically designed to address the many problems this complex syndrome causes.

Pain Medicine Physician & Psychiatrist

I am an experienced non-interventional specialist pain medicine physician, consultation-liaison psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I assist people with pain self-management and help patients who have distressing emotional reactions to a range of medical and surgical problems. I am excited to be part of a cohesive and energetic group of chronic pain professionals all striving to provide best possible clinical outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Pain Management Assessments
REGAIN Group Pain Program
Individualised Pain Programs
Pain Specialist Appointments
Psychiatry Appointments
Occupational Physician Appointments Compensation HICAPS, Medicare Online Claiming, WC, CTP, ADF
Pain Physiotherapy Treatment
Pain Psychology Treatment
Womens Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy

Dr Ramsey Jabbour, Occupational Physician & Pain Fellow Natalia James, Registered Psychologist
Rina Setiabudi, Registered Psychologist
Nidhi Gupta, Clinical Psychologist
Josephine Wan, Psychologist
Irina Grassi, Senior Pain Physiotherapist
Swati Agrawal, Pain Physiotherapist
Courtney Karpin, Provisional Psychologist


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Dr James Yu
Pain Specialist & Anaesthetist

Dr Faiz Noore
Pain Medicine Physician & Psychiatrist

Dr Ramsey Jabbour
Occupational Physician & Pain Fellow

Dr Sachin Shetty
Pain Specialist & Rehab Physician

Dr Michael Davies
Pain Specialist & Neurosurgeon

Dr Paul Ferris
Pain Specialist & Anaesthetist

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Please make referrals out to Sydney Spine & Pain so that we can triage to the appropriate consultant.

Please refer to Sydney Spine & Pain Rehab for triage through our Multidisciplinary Assessments.

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