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Dr Martin Ritossa, providing Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery in North Adelaide, SA, Australia.

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Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery

Gynaecological laparoscopic surgery is a procedure to examine and treat problems with a woman’s reproductive organs and other pelvic organs. Under general anaesthetic, a small viewing instrument (laparoscope) is inserted into the abdomen at the navel. Other instruments may be inserted through other small cuts in the lower abdomen. While watching a video monitor, the surgeon can: look for the cause of any symptoms; remove scar tissue or other abnormal tissue; repair or remove part or all of the ovaries or fallopian tubes; remove an abnormal pelvic mass or ovarian cyst; look for the spread of cancer and perform a biopsy; remove lymph nodes or pelvic organs; evaluate and treat infertility; remove the uterus (hysterectomy); remove uterine fibroids (myomectomy); carry out sterilisation (tubal ligation); treat sudden, severe pelvic pain; treat a tubal pregnancy; and remove uterine tissue found outside the uterus in the abdomen (endometriosis). The average time of surgery depends on the procedure performed.

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Advanced Gynaecological Surgery Centre, Lvl 2, Calvary Hosp, 89 Strangways Tce, North Adelaide

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